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WeNMR - A worldwide e-infrastructure for NMR and Structural Biology

  • Private Initiative
  • Global
  • Federation
Last updated: 2021-10-20 01:17

Strategic Goals

WeNMR is a Virtual Research Community aiming at bringing together complementary research teams in the structural biology and life science area into a virtual research community at a worldwide level and provide them with a platform integrating and streamlining the computational approaches necessary for data analysis and modelling.


Start Date 01/01/2010
Project Focus
  • Enabler
Geographical Scope
  • Global
  • Federation
Cloud Delivery Model
  • PaaS
Cloud Deployment Model
  • Hybrid
Project Life-Cycle Stage
  • Research and Innovation
  • Health
  • Information and Communication
Specific Domains Targeted
  • Science and Research
  • Big Data


  • Eu Funded

⭐ Good Practice Description

The University of Utrecht has been providing capabilities for computational structural biology since 2008. They lead the WeNMR thematic services under the European Open Science Cloud – Hub project (EOSC-Hub) and are part of the EGI federation. The WeNMR suite of computational tools is composed of eight individual platforms and they act as an intermediary between researchers of the world.

Success Factors

Governance and Organizational Structure

The University of Utrecht WeNMR service have clear policies and procedures to register and onboard users, such as trial licenses, different levels of authorization, based on user needs and expertise, and commercial licenses for private sector.

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