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KMaaS - Key Management as-a-Service

  • Research and Innovation
  • European
  • Cloud
Last updated: 2021-09-14 09:51

Strategic Goals

Client-side or end-2-end encryption is all about encrypting data before it enters the cloud, and is recognized as the correct manner for securing data in cloud computing. Cloud service providers as well as users of cloud services are increasingly concerned about data protection and look for client-side encryption. However, no pure cloud based solution with true cryptographic security exists. Existing solutions require non-cloud installations, which limits the market from adopting client-side encryption. In fact, NIST calls this a fundamental technical problem. Nevertheless, we solve this problem and offer a pure cloud based and convenient encryption solution that unlike existing products does not rely on either trust in individual cloud service providers or physical encryption gateways. These properties are reached by a novel patent pending solution based on so- called Multi-Party Computation (MPC) protocols tailored to key management.

Solutions Developed / Used

The main goal of the project, is to make Sepior ApS ready to scale the sale of the Sepior KMaaS product (pure cloud-based encryption solution) across Europe. This will be achieved by developing an API-based key management service and integration with existing cloud-providers’ services.


Start Date 01/02/2016
End Date 31/01/2018
Geographical Scope
  • European
  • Cloud
Cloud Delivery Model
  • PaaS
Cloud Deployment Model
  • Hybrid
Project Life-Cycle Stage
  • Research and Innovation
  • Information and Communication
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain


  • Denmark
    SEPIOR APS (Denmark)
  • Denmark
    PARTISIA APS (Denmark)
  • Denmark
    PENNEO APS (Denmark)
  • Denmark
    RUSHFILES A/S (Denmark)

EU Contribution
  • €228,156,250.00
Overall Budget
  • €3,259,375.00
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