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Last updated: 2021-10-20 12:24

⭐ Good Practice Description:

Geva Group provides payment solutions for financial sector and public sector organizations as well as commercial clients. They started their cloud journey in 2019, as customers wanted to consumer software rather than operate software themselves.

Success Factors:

Business Success

Geva Group continues to grow its customer base, as customer are keen to consume payment solutions as a service. Geva Group also has a significant pipeline of new customers due to the demand for their solutions.

Technology Innovation

Geva group has successfully developed a dedicated hosted offering and a SaaS solution built on a cloud platform. These services run on a fully encrypted database.
They are currently re-architecting their entire application stack to make it available on a container-based infrastructure in the future.


Strategic Goals

GEVA Group develops innovative software solutions for processing global payment transactions.

Solutions Developed / Used

We develop innovative software solutions for processing global payment transactions.
We are one of the leading European providers and an important partner for financial institutions, public institutions and companies.
We convert manual payment processes into innovative, time-saving work processes.


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Project Focus

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Cloud Delivery Model

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