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GEANT Cloud Services

  • Research and Innovation
  • Global
  • Cloud
Last updated: 2021-09-15 08:40

Strategic Goals

The GÉANT Cloud Services initiative is focused on assisting National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and higher education and research organisations to become more agile, as well as provide users with the right mix and range of IT cloud-based services and products that meet their needs.


Project Focus
  • Enabler
Geographical Scope
  • Global
  • Cloud
Cloud Delivery Model
  • IaaS
Project Life-Cycle Stage
  • Research and Innovation
  • Education and Skills


    Academic/Research Organisations
  • Malta
    University of Malta (Malta)
  • Italy
    ACOnet (Italy)
  • Turkey
    National Academic Netowrk and information center (Turkey)
  • Slovenia
    ARNES (Slovenia)
  • Russia
    UIIP NASB - BASNET (Russia)
  • Italy
    BELNET (Italy)