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Community Cloud - Cubbit - the first distributed data-center recycling the internet resources we waste into the most competitive cloud provider (SME Instrument)

  • Green
Last updated: 2020-05-29 12:48

Strategic Goals

All companies using cloud services look for excellent performances, competitive prices, and the highest standards of privacy. Yet, no cloud provider is currently able to provide all these three benefit together. This pain point arises because the current standard of centralized cloud (i.e., one proprietary web farm serving millions of users) has huge operating costs and recurring weaknesses concerning data security.

Solutions Developed / Used

Community Cloud is a project that is developing a cloud service, which replaces the centralized server farms with a distributed data center based on a peer-to-peer network free from infrastructural costs.


Project Focus
  • Operator
  • Green
Cloud Delivery Model
  • SaaS
Cloud Deployment Model
  • Hybrid
Project Life-Cycle Stage
  • Operational Deployment


  • Italy
    Cubbit Srl (Italy)

EU Contribution
  • €1,918,750.00
Overall Budget
  • €2,741,072.50
  • Cubbit acquires users by offering the first forever-free cloud. Each of them grows the distributed data-center with bandwidth, storage and CPU. Cubbit then sells web services like hosting, CDN and Cloud computing boosted by the proximity of Data to final Users. Each Cubbit can generate revenues up to 11euro/month, while it only costs 0.20euro/m to coordinate its role in our network.
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