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Build to Share - Irish Government Cloud

  • Public Initiative
  • National
  • Cloud
  • Federation
Last updated: 2022-06-03 01:28

  • Mix of funding from the Ministry and fees for service

⭐ Good Practice Description:

The 2016 Irish Government ICT Strategy followed three key principles: digital services transformation, data sharing solution and skills and the Build to Share concept. The Build to Share part of the strategy aimed to bring together 20 departments. So, a roadmap for hybrid delivery was seen as an opportunity to scale ICT infrastructure capabilities.

Success Factors:

Governance and Organizational Structure

The Irish government Build to Share strategic programme includes good practices related to governance and organisational structure for federated cloud. The strategy implementation governance includes three tiers: 1. Civil service management board; 2. Sub-group; 3. ICT advisory board. The success at the central government level is driving the CIO’s office to consider a memorandum of understanding to enable local governments to access some resources.


Strategic Goals

To accelerate digital transformation of the Irish government and provide common capabilities across departments of different size

Solutions Developed / Used

Guidance on choosing private vs. public Building a private cloud data center


Start Date


Project Focus

  • Broker
  • Operator
  • Regulator

Geographical Scope

  • National


  • Cloud
  • Federation

Cloud Delivery Model

  • IaaS

Cloud Deployment Model

  • Enterprise Private
  • Hybrid

Project Life-Cycle Stage

  • Operational Deployment


  • Public Administration