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  • Private Initiative
  • National
  • Edge
Last updated: 2021-10-20 08:43

Solutions Developed / Used

The Casette dispenser can be seen as a multifunctional edge IoT device able to run cloud-native applications locally that have been developed as a part of a larger architectural digital transformation of the company.


Project Focus
  • Operator
Geographical Scope
  • National
  • Edge
Cloud Delivery Model
  • IaaS
Cloud Deployment Model
  • Hybrid
Project Life-Cycle Stage
  • Operational Deployment
  • Utilities
  • Big Data
  • Edge Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)


⭐ Good Practice Description

BrianzAcque is a public company that manages wastewater and water treatment in Brianza, a territory in Northern Italy comprising 56 towns and villages and approximately 900,000 inhabitants. The company started the Casette dell’acqua initiative to distribute outdoor high-quality filtered drinking water dispensers (the Casette) throughout the territory for the citizens.

Success Factors

Business Success

The main KPIs relate to the number of Casette installed (currently 70, with a target of 100 in total in 2021, covering the whole territory); the number of dispensers installed (currently 50, with a target of 80 in total by end of 2020), etc.

Technology Innovation

The main aspect of innovation relates to the mix of IoT, edge, and cloud computing and the capabilities that mix enables.

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